The new Watch Club website

The new Watch Club website it now live and kicking!

With a collection of watches (owned entirely by themselves) that range from £1000 to £90,000 in price and some that are as old as the 1930’s, the Watch Club needed a revised and dynamic website to show off the range and quality of their watches.

Throughout the design process Strange Hill worked with Watch Club to ensure that ever aspect of their collection had it’s place. We incorporated a pages to show off their “Vintage” selection, with the ability to sort by age, size and brand. The “Explore” section of the website tries to act a bit like an online personal shopper with a digital selection process to guide the user to their perfect watch. The “New In” section does what it says on the tin and the entire website has been shot by the in-house team of photographers to the highest possible definition.

All that’s needed now is a bit of dollar to go get one, check out the website and collection HERE.