The London Essence Company

The London Essence Company premium tonic range launched in December 2016. Each of the range features a signature distillate and includes a Classic Tonic Water, Grapefruit & Rosemary, Bitter Orange & Elderflower and Ginger Ale.

WiseHead Productions, an incubator company for Britvic, initially approached Strange Hill to work on their first NPD, Thomas & Evans No.1, and work proceeded with a second premum mixer product range.

The team worked on developing the core educational deck, providing flavour pairings with premium spirit profiles and professional photography of the entire range. Strange Hill provided an Ambassador to start building awareness of the product and having provided a solid foundation for launch assisted with the introduction to market.

Involvement with the project continues with Nick Strangeway in an advisory role and provision of an Ambassador to work alongside the in-house sales team.