Hepple Gin is a co-creation of five passionate gin lovers including two of Strange Hill’s directors, Cairbry Hill as Process designer and Nick Strangeway a Co-creator who has helped develop its flavour.

The Goring Hepple Gin Garden opened its doors to the public on the 23rd May. Situated within the Goring Hotel Garden tucked in just behind Victoria, think Northumberland oasis hidden away from the busy streets of London.

The bar that they have created has been built out of strips of wood and the bar top has been made from a fallen oak tree near the distillery on the Hepple Estate in Northumberland.

The idea is that the garden and bar mirror the flavour profile of Hepple Gin as it will grow some of the key botanicals; English juniper, Douglas fir, lovage, blackcurrant and other key botanicals. The bar will be serving canapes created by the Executive Chef at the hotel, Shay Cooper and co-founder of Hepple chef, Valentine Warner and most importantly amazing drinks; Hepple Martini’s, Hepple Gin & Tonic’s, Hepple 75’s and Hepple Summer Cup’s.
With all the amazing weather (both rain and shine) this summer the bar is well on it’s way to looking like it has already been there a lifetime!

For more information on the Hepple Gin Garden CLICK HERE.